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The Mokwheel Revolution

At E Zip N Zoom, your journey into the electrifying world of e-biking begins with our exclusive collection of Mokwheel Bikes. As an official dealer, we are thrilled to present Mokwheel's innovative lineup, designed for enthusiasts and everyday riders alike. Known for their pioneering designs and exceptional performance, Mokwheel Bikes offer a blend of adventure, reliability, and style unmatched in the e-bike industry.

Why Choose Mokwheel?

  • World's First Power Station E-Bike: Discover the groundbreaking Mokwheel Basalt, a marvel of e-bike innovation that integrates a power station for unparalleled convenience and utility on the go.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Whether it's navigating city streets with the Mesa City Plus or conquering rough terrain with the robust Obsidian, Mokwheel's range caters to every riding style with advanced features for an unmatched riding experience.
  • Exceptional Performance: Equipped with powerful motors, expansive range capabilities, and robust batteries, Mokwheel Bikes ensure a smooth, exhilarating ride across all terrains.

Explore Our Mokwheel Collection

E Zip N Zoom is more than just a retailer; we're your portal to the future of biking. Our collection of Mokwheel Bikes embodies our commitment to quality and innovation in electric mobility. Each model, from the versatile Mesa Lite ST to the adventurous Scoria, is designed to elevate your riding experience, combining efficiency, comfort, and style in a seamless package.

More Than Just Bikes

At E Zip N Zoom, we offer a comprehensive e-biking experience with a wide range of products and services:

  • Accessories: Enhance your ride with our selection of high-quality e-bike accessories.
  • Bintelli Electric Bikes: Explore our selection of Bintelli Electric Bikes for more options to suit your lifestyle.
  • Golf Carts: Discover our range of electric golf carts, perfect for leisure and utility.

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Begin your journey towards sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable transportation with E Zip N Zoom. Explore our range of Mokwheel Bikes today and take the first step into a greener, more thrilling future of mobility. With our 2-year warranty, free shipping, and 15-day return policy, your dream ride is just a click away. Return to our Home Page anytime to explore our full offerings and latest deals.

Ride into the future with Mokwheel and E Zip N Zoom – where innovation meets the road.