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Elevate your travel experience with our exclusive selection of Bintelli electric golf carts. Perfectly combining style with eco-friendly performance, these carts are ideal for effortless navigation through city streets, small neighborhoods, golf courses, or anywhere else you could think of. Our carts are street legal LSV's and can come with Lithium-ion Battery's included.

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Electric Golf Carts

As a premier dealer of Evolution Golf Carts, we pride ourselves on offering top-of-the-line electric golf carts that redefine mobility on the course. Our selection boasts the latest in eco-friendly technology, providing golfers with a sustainable and enjoyable way to navigate the greens. With a focus on performance, comfort, and versatility, our dealership ensures that each customer finds the perfect Evolution Golf Cart to suit their individual needs. Whether you're a seasoned golfer seeking peak performance or a course manager prioritizing environmental sustainability, our dealership is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and expertise to help you discover the ideal Evolution Golf Cart for your game.

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Two and Four-Seater Options

Our collection of two-seater and four-seater golf carts cater to both intimate rides and small group adventures. Whether for leisurely rides or practical use, these golf carts offer a unique combination of convenience and luxury. These carts can be great to take your guests for a joy ride around the community or can provide hours of fun at the golf course, having both luxurious and economical options to meet your needs.

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Lifted Golf Carts

Elevate your experience with our four-seater and six-seater lifted golf carts. These carts are designed for enhanced performance and versatility, ideal for both rugged terrains and stylish urban cruising. Perfect for those searching for something beyond the ordinary, our four-seater and six-seater lifted carts are engineered for both rugged terrain and cityscapes. These carts not only provide an electric golf cart experience but also add a touch of thrill for those seeking a fast golf cart and long range golf cart capabilities.

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Six-Seater Golf Carts

Our six-seater golf carts, a hit among larger groups, are perfect for family outings or group tours. 6-seater golf carts are ideal for customers needing more space and robust performance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for everyone. These carts are perfect for those looking to take guests out for a ride or anyone who needs a little more space.

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Bintelli and Mokwheel Electric


Explore our diverse range of e-bikes, a rapidly growing market segment. Our e-bikes cater to a variety of styles and needs. They represent a perfect blend of modern technology and environmental consciousness, ideal for both leisure and daily commutes. We sell both Mokwheel and Bintelli Bikes to provide a solution for everyone. These bikes are great for anyone looking for long range, fast, and reliable E-bikes. We sell Bintelli's premier lineup of the M1, B2, E2, Journey Step Through, Trio Trike, and Trend electric bikes.

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