Bintelli Electric Golf Cart LSV's



Bintelli offers a new option in the Low-Speed Vehicle industry, providing state-of-the-art 4 person and 6 person electric golf carts that all come stocked with premium upgraded lithium batteries, an LED Bluetooth soundbar, and DOT features to ensure that this LSV is legal on all roads 35 and under unless stated otherwise by your local government. Bintelli's facility is based out of South Carolina and has achieved multiple awards for their outstanding golf cart including being featured in the Inc. 5000 list. This reflects the level of quality you get when purchasing a Bintelli. 

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DOT Features

Bintelli Golf Carts are renowned for their adherence to Department of Transportation (DOT) standards, ensuring both safety and compliance for street-legal use. Key DOT features include a full glass DOT-approved windshield, which enhances visibility and safety, along with a windshield wiper, ensuring clear vision in all weather conditions. The carts are equipped with a comprehensive lighting system, including brake lights, brights, fog lights, and front and back lights, which significantly improve visibility and signaling capabilities. Safety is further enhanced with features like turn signals and a horn, making these carts well-suited for various driving conditions. These LSVs can be tricked out with additional accessories like a 4 seater rain cover and a six seater rain cover to ensure that you stay dry while on the course.

Additionally, Bintelli golf carts are equipped with a parking brake, ensuring the vehicle stays stationary when not in use. One of the standout features of Bintelli golf carts is that all units come with a title, reflecting their legitimacy and street-legal status. This comprehensive set of features not only aligns with strict safety standards but also provides peace of mind to users, knowing that their cart is built with safety and compliance at the forefront. 



Bintelli Golf Carts exemplify luxury in every aspect, designed to offer a premium experience to their users. One of the key features enhancing this luxurious feel is the soft cushioned seats, which provide unparalleled comfort during rides. Complementing the comfort are the industry-leading wheel sizes that not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also ensure a smoother, more stable ride. In line with modern technological advancements, all Bintelli carts come equipped with an LED Bluetooth soundbar, perfect for entertainment and enhancing the overall experience. This feature allows for seamless music streaming and audio play, making each ride enjoyable. Further elevating the technological aspect, the carts include an industry-leading touchscreen that offers users the ability to monitor speed, golf cart health, and other essential metrics. The touchscreen is coupled with upgraded speakers, ensuring high-quality sound and an immersive audio experience.

All of these electric LSVs can be bought as lifted golf carts with upgraded features for smooth driving. The lifted carts include an industry leading 23" wheels and front and rear metal bumpers. Our bestselling LSV is in this category: the Bintelli Beyond 4PL a 4-person lifted lithium golf cart.

The luxury experience is underpinned by the inclusion of a premium lithium battery in each cart. These batteries not only offer extended range and durability but also contribute to the eco-friendly aspect of the carts. Finally, to assure customers of their investment, Bintelli offers a 2-year warranty on their golf carts, signifying the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These features collectively position Bintelli Golf Carts at the forefront of luxury and innovation in the electric vehicle industry

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