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Electric Fat Tire Bike | Mokwheel Mesa Plus Tan

Electric Fat Tire Bike | Mokwheel Mesa Plus Tan

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Navigate Des Moines with the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST E-bike in Elegant Tan – Available Now!

Master the Streets and Beyond with the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST E-bike

Elevate your urban and light trail riding in Des Moines with the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST in Tan. This high-performance electric hybrid bike is designed for the discerning rider who seeks versatility, style, and efficiency.

Key Features and Hybrid Performance of the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST in Des Moines:

Enhanced Motor and Extended Battery Life: The Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST comes equipped with a 500w brushless motor and a 48V 15Ah battery, delivering power and endurance with a range of up to 55 miles on a single charge. This setup is ideal for lengthy commutes and extended trail rides around Des Moines.

Hybrid Design for Flexible Riding: Featuring 27.5-inch hybrid tires and a lightweight, durable aluminum frame, the Mesa Plus ST balances the agility of a road bike with the resilience of a mountain bike, making it perfect for varied terrains from city streets to park paths.

Optimal Speed for Efficiency: With the capability to reach speeds up to 20 mph, this e-bike enhances your mobility, allowing you to cover more ground quickly, whether you're rushing to work or cruising on a weekend adventure.

Advanced Features for a Superior Riding Experience:

Quick Charging Time: Recharge fully in just 5 hours to keep your adventures and commutes uninterrupted.

Clear and Informative LCD Display: Stay informed on your ride with a display that tracks speed, distance, and battery status, ensuring you always have the data you need at a glance.

Comfort and Adaptability: The adjustable seat and ergonomic handlebars are designed for comfort, making long rides more enjoyable, while the high-quality grips provide a secure hold.

Safety First: Equipped with integrated LED lighting and reflective details to enhance your visibility and safety during dawn, dusk, and nighttime rides.

Ready to Explore Des Moines:

Sleek and Practical: Weighing around 62 lbs, the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST is robust yet easy to handle, and its stylish tan color is sure to turn heads.

In Stock for Immediate Pickup: The Tan Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST is currently available and ready for immediate pickup at our Des Moines showroom.

Extra Features Included: Each bike comes with a high-quality charger and a built-in water bottle holder, making it ready to ride right out of the showroom.

Why Opt for the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST E-bike in Tan?

Choosing the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST means committing to a seamless blend of functionality and elegance. It’s not just an e-bike; it’s a lifestyle upgrade, perfect for the eclectic demands of urban living and leisure riding in Des Moines.

Step Up Your Ride in Des Moines – Choose the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST in Tan!

Get Yours Today! Visit us for a test ride or to take home the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST. Experience firsthand why it’s the preferred choice for riders seeking flexibility, comfort, and style.

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  • Battery

    48V 16Ah

  • Charger

    54.6V 3.0A

  • Speed Class

    Up to 28 mph on Level 5 PAS

  • Range


  • Motor

    750 Watt

  • Payload Capacity

    350 lbs

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Discover Design Advantages


Tires: 26" x 4" Fat tires

Display: LED Integrated

Brakes: Mechanical brakes

Brake lever: Aluminum Alloy

Chain: KMC Stainless Chain

Crank Set: 44T*170mm aluminum bash-guard

Derailleur: 7-speed Shimano

Controller: 48V/22A

Front Fork: Adjustable Suspension Fork

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Gearing: 1-7 Speed Shimano 14-28T Brown

Throttle: Thumb Throttle

Handlebar: Custom Aluminum Alloy

Kickstand: Sturdy Aluminum Alloy

Rims: Aluminum Alloy

Saddle: Customized Comfort Leather Seat

Sensor: Cadence sensor

Spokes: Front 12 and Rear 12 Gauge

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Battery


    Powerful energy storage, high-end battery. Advanced BMS battery management system, high battery life guarantee.

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Brake

    Mechanical Brake ZOOM-Bl

    Mechanical Brake ZOOM-BL is a robust and reliable braking system designed for a wide range of industrial applications. This high-performance brake offers precision control and stopping power, ensuring safety and efficiency in various machinery and equipment setups.

  • Motor

    Independently developed motors with small size, light weight and high power, which have all the advantages of traditional DC motors

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Impact_Free_Ride

    Impact Free Ride

    Equipped with state-of-the-art damping and spring systems that absorb shocks and vibrations, delivering a smooth and controlled ride. Adjust &Fine-tune your suspension to match your riding style and terrain.

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Superior_Comfort

    Superior Comfort

    The soft and supple leather offers a comfortable and cushioned grip, reducing fatigue during long rides and ensuring a pleasant riding experience

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Execptional_Power_Transfer

    Exceptional Power Transfer

    Mokwheel's 44T crankset is engineered for maximum power transfer from your legs to the pedals, with perfect synergy on all PAS levels.

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Dual_Bulb_Brilliance

    Dual Bulb Brilliance

    Illuminate your path like never before with not one, but two high-intensity bulbs. This headlight offers double the brightness, casting a powerful beam that cuts through darkness

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Precision_Control

    Precision Control

    Sleek and compact design not only complements aesthetics but also reduces clutter on your handlebars, providing a clean and unobstructed riding experience

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Seamless_Acceleration

    Seamless Acceleration

    Mokwheel's thumb throttle provides smooth and precise control over your electric bike's power output. Effortlessly accelerate and maintain your desired speed with a simple push of your thumb.

  • Mesa_Plus_ST_Functional_Decor

    Functional Decor

    Crafted from premium wood, the rack features a beautifully finished wood plank that not only holds your bags securely but also adds a rustic and timeless charm to any environment

  • Mesa_Plust_ST_Smooth_Gear_Transitions

    Smooth Gear Transitions

    Mokwheel's 8-speed derailleur is engineered to provide effortless and seamless gear transitions. Say goodbye to chain drops and frustrating shifts – this derailleur ensures you're always in the right gear.


Mesa Plus ST Size and Fit

Frame Size: Normal

Rider Height: 5'2" ~ 6'4"

Reach: 23.7"

Stand over Height: 19.8"

Wheelbase: 44.8"

Min Saddle Height: 31.9"

Max Saddle Height: 40.9"

Total Length: 73.7"

Handlebar Height: 44.9"

Seat Tube: 16.5"

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